Easy graphics

When writing marketing material, good graphics are a must. I came across a package that makes this easy. No need for learning photoshop or any other complex program. The “Marketing Graphics Toolkit” makes it easy to make graphics like a pro without any of the hard work. It contains the following:

1. Mini Site Templates: Useful for Sales pages with a touch of professional graphics.
2. Premium Headers: Good for blogs or presentations.
3. HTML Boxes: Nice for section headings.
4. Headlines: Nice for grabbing the attention of your visitor.
5. 3D e-covers: Ever wished to create a 3D box graphics of your product. This makes it a snap.
6. Guarantee boxes and badges.
7. Add to Cart buttons: This is where the money is!

And a lot more things like layers, fonts, empty shapes, star ratings etc.

And all this for only $9.95 !!

Honestly, any single one of the above is way more worth than the asking price.

If you think that this is something you can use, check it out here: Marketing Graphics Toolkit